Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happiest Father's Day....

Andrew's 1st Father's day 2010

Happy Father's Day to my husband, baby daddy, best friend, king of the house, biggest cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, you get the point. Andrew wears many hats in our house. :)

I didn't grow up with a father. My father signed over his parental rights to me when I was 3 and the next time I saw him I was 25. So needless to say, he wasn't involved in my all. I lucked out and had a wonderful Grandfather who filled that role for me whether he knew it or not.

I hit the lottery when I married Andrew. He's such a hard worker, wonderful husband and amazing father. Now, let's paint an accurate picture, he's not perfect....but let's face it, I don't want perfect. I want a husband and father to my child(ren) to be hopelessly devoted because the rest will naturally fall into place.

Andrew has no problem taking over 'dad duties' when I have had a bad day. In fact, he insists on it. If he comes home and I am completely frazzled, regardless of the day he's had, he steps in and tells me to go to a quiet corner or take a bath. He offers to change diapers, wipe noses, change clothes and give baths. He is not afraid to take Jonah by himself, a lot of times he just takes him to do father/son things like run around the tool section of Sears, go to Auto Zone or the guitar store. No wonder Jonah is obsessed with cars and guitars. He's definitely his daddies boy!

Andrew, thank you! Thank you for being the best father to Jonah and a great husband to me. You really deserve more than one day of recognition. Jonah and I love you VERY much!

Happy Father's Day.

Thanks for being such a great dad!


Rebecca said...

Andrew I want you to know that Krystal's life is not the only one blessed when she found you. I prayed God would send her someone who was strong, honest, loving and compassionate. Someone who would take care of her and my future grandchildren. Well God sent her you and it was much more than I could ever have asked for. God bless you and I love you. Your one and only favorite mother in law. Take care of my daughter and grandson.

starshockey said...

thanks for the wonderful GREAT nephew, Jonah is a joy!!!