Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jonah - 15 months

Jonah at the splash park

I am just a teensy bit behind on updating on Jonah's recent well visit. He hit his 15 month mark last week and here is his update. :)

Weight: 22 lbs. (12th %tile)
Length: 33" (95th %tile)
Head: 19.25 (90th %tile)

As far as his developments he's right on track. He's also recently opened his vocabulary SO much. I am shocked all the stuff that comes out of his mouth. It has made me really aware that I have to watch what I say around him, because he has started to repeat what I say. Eek!

He also has started stringing two words together, he says things like "sih dow" = sit down, "seeee ya" = see ya and "dada car" = Daddy's car. It's really sweet to hear him talk.

Other than being a chatterbox, he's flying around the house even more than usual. He has two speeds - sleeping and running. He definitely keeps me on my toes and I love it. He still loves music so much. When he's sad or cranky all you have to do is sing to him and he gets so quiet.

He's still a lover of books, but his recent obessesion is cars, well....anything with wheels actually. It's SO cute! He also LOVES Andrew's guitar and loves when Daddy plays music for him. He truly is his Father's son. :)

As for the rest of the family, I am super busy lately. Not only am I the Newsletter Editor for my MOMS Club, I also serve on the board as the Secretary. I have recently started volunteering with the 2 year old at church during the second service, I am also still involved with the Flavour Ministry at church, I am wrapping up the Breaking Free Beth Moore Bible study and I am looking to get involved with an organization that works to abolish human slavery and sex trafficking. It's something God has placed on my heart and I am burning with a fire to help give a voice to the voiceless. Stay tuned for more about that. :)

Andrew is still rebuilding his Firebird. It's much closer now and I think all he have left is the engine swap. Then again, it could be more than that, who knows. :) He just loves to turn wrenches.

I am thankful for such a wonderful life, awesome husband and healthy child. Looking forward to adding to our family. :)


Rebecca said...

I am looking forward to you adding to your family also. :) What can I say I got so lucky with the first grandchild I cant wait to have MORE. God has put that in my heart. Love reading what you write kiddo. But then again I always have. Love you three lots and lots.
Jonah's favorite Grammy

starshockey said...

Jonah, my little man, you are such a wonder to watch. Loving the videos of you "RUNNING" everywhere. Love your Mom's description, sleeping & running speeds. Cute, You are a precious boy & I love you more & more every day. You have great parents, and I two can't wait to have another Great Nephew or Niece, to add to the bunch we have already!!!